In focus > News 03/12/2018

It is a great responsibility to decide about a person’s fate

The major migrant crisis, during which the world has come to know the nice and noble face of Serbia, was marked by people who have helped hundreds of thousands of people in distress who had left their homes due to wars and poverty. Earlier than anyone else, employees of the Commissariat for Refugees and Migration of Republic of Serbia have offered their assistance, attention, friendly talk, meals and accomodation to migrants. Among them were professionals who had acquired their experience during and following the wars of the 1990s, taking care of our compatriots, refugees from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, and subsequently internally displaced persons from Kosovo and Metohija, but also young, educated people who have encountered human suffering of such magnitude for the first time during the migrant crisis.

Take a look what Drago Velimirović, Nada Gernter, Tanja Kačar and Vladimir Lukić, employees of the Commissariat for Refugees and Migration, have to say about their work.